Historic Iowa Postcards

Grinnell College Libraries' Historic Iowa Postcard Collection. A collection of postcards from 1900 through the middle of the 20th century, covering all parts of Iowa.

Looking northwest at a two-story brick building with sign "J.N. Freeland General Merchandise" on the side. There is a small dog standing near the utility pole on the left. 1908 postmark.

Looking north from the National Savings Bank on Main Street. Sign on second building to left says, Loomis & Murphy. Sign on building to the right says "Money orders for sale here. Cheaper rates than charged by post office & express co." 1908 postmark.

Looking southwest at the neoclassical post office building built in 1902 at a cost of $100,000. It was designed by Louis Simon and built by James Knox Taylor, Supervising Architect, U.S. Treasury Department and M. Yeager & Son, Contractor. The building is still standing as of 2016 and located at 301 Fifth Avenue South, Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa. 1908 postmark. Number 15930.

Looking south. The United Presbyterian Church was built in 1907 and razed in 1977 for the new church. 1908 postmark. Title supplied by cataloger.

The first church building was constructed in 1888 to serve the faculty, staff and students at Drake University. In 1909, a large auditorium seating 2,000 was constructed beside the original church. Located at 2500 University Avenue, Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa. 1908 postmark. Number 10.

Built in 1878 and originally named the LeGrand Christian Institute, the building was closed in 1885 due to financial problems. It was reopened 1889 renamed the LeGrand Christian College, but financial problems persisted until a benefactor, H.A. Palmer donated a large sum to which the college was renamed in 1897 to Palmer College. The college was closed in 1912 when it was moved to Albany, Missouri. 1908 postmark.

The electric trolley replaced the "Dinkey" in 1907. The "Dinkey" was a railroad steam line that connected the campus to the town. 1908 postmark. Number 63.

This island has had many names beginning with Credit Island well known for the 1814 Battle of Credit Island, one of the westernmost battles of the War of 1812 fought between the Sauk Indians with British support and a regiment under the command of Zachary Taylor. Other names for the island were Offerman's Island, Grand Island [Isle], Manhattan Island, Offerman's Island, and Suburban Island. 1908 postmark. Number 6677.

This fountain was constructed and dedicated in 1939 for Washington's Centennial Celebration. It is the only one of its type in the continental United States. The fountain was refurbished in 1995 by a group of local citizens.1908 postmark. Number 4476.

Looking east from the Council Bluffs Golf Club at several sailboats and rowboats on Lake Manawa. Lake Manawa was created in 1881 from a Missouri River flood. 1908 postmark.

Looking at the front entrance to a three-story wooden building established in 1895 by Surgeon W.E. West. 1908 postmark.

Remains of a tornado that hit Arthur, Iowa, July 26, 1908. Men are sifting through debris with a cow grazing nearby. 1909 postmark.

Alamo Park was opened on June 11, 1909 and it was estimated that 2,500 people attended that first day. The park was torn down in 1921 to make room for Roosevelt Junior High School. 1909 postmark. Number 6478.

Alexander, photographer (Albia, Iowa)
Looking northwest at a panoramic view of the Albia square which includes the courthouse, bicycle, horses and carriages and electric lines. Listed in the National Register for Historic Places as the Albia Square and Central Commercial Historic District. 1909 postmark. Number 8109.

Four story brick and stone building. 1909 postmark. Number 22216.

Looking east at shoreline with sailboat and boathouse. Arbor Lake, named for Arbor Day, when hundreds of trees were planted there, was created in 1902 as a storage reservoir to provide soft water for manufacturing firms. 1909 postmark. Number 58.

Looking southeast. The Grinnell Armory building was constructed in 1907 for lease to the Grinnell Armory Association. 1909 postmark. Number 921.

Two story brick building in Blairstown, Iowa. 1909 postmark. Number 64874.