Historic Iowa Postcards

Boat landing, Mississippi River, Clinton, Iowa
People gathered to board a steamer for a cruise. The Clinton Bridge is in the background. 1908 postmark. Number 2553.
Broad Street, Grinnell, Iowa
Looking north on unpaved Broad Street. Number 16488.
Broad Street, Grinnell, Iowa
Looking south on unpaved Broad Street with bicyclist and Congregational Church in the foreground.
Brooklyn High School cheer, Brooklyn, Iowa
Card has small school banner with cheer: "Whoop em! Skoop em! Thru and thru. We do! We do! Why don't you? Always loyal, always true, B.H.S. scarlet and blue"--t.p.. Copyright 1908 with Acmegraph Co. Number 015.
C. & N.W. shops, Belle Plaine, Iowa
Chicago & North Western railroad shops in Belle Plaine, Iowa with a railroad locomotive on the turntable. 1908 postmark.
C. R. I. & P. Depot, Monroe, Iowa
Railway employees on car 3356 either loading or unloading goods onto the train. 1908 postmark.
Campus scene, Iowa College, Grinnell, Iowa
Campus scene. 1908 postmark.
Central Park, Davenport, Iowa
View of children on a spring day in Central Park. In 1885 the city of Davenport acquired the property that had been the Scott County Fairgrounds. It is a significant example of landscape planning, and of the civic improvements that were being made by the city in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Five years after the land was purchased and improved it was named Central Park after New York City's park of the same name. Central Park was renamed Vander Veer after an early Davenport park commissioner in 1911. Located at 215 West Central Park Avenue, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa, the park consists of 70.8 acres, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 1908 postmark. Number 13206.
Chautauqua grounds, Creston, Iowa
Circuit Chautauquas were part of a travelling adult education movement started at the turn of the century reaching Iowa in 1904. Special reports, pronunciation tests, and a variety of other exercises are introduced at the meetings. 1908 postmark. Number B1165A6.
Christian Associations Building, Iowa College, Grinnell, Iowa
Interior room with fireplace. 1908 postmark.
Chutes at Oak Park, Newton, Iowa
Lake with man and women in a boat and chutes in background. 1908 postmark.
Clearfield High School, Clearfield, Iowa
Two story brick building with steeple in the center of the roof. 1908 postmark.
Congregational Church, Clarion, Iowa
One story wooden building with bell tower in front. 1908 postmark.
Congregational Church, Grinnell, Iowa
Looking northeast on Broad Street. Often called the "Old Stone Church". Erected in the year 1877. 1908 postmark. Number 156898.
Corner Walnut and Howard , Colfax, Iowa
Business district in Colfax including a lunch room and billiards room. 1908 postmark. Number 9475.
Court house and Soldier's Monument, Cresco, Iowa
Looking northeast at an Italianate-Classic style building which was completed in 1880. The red and buff colored brick used in its construction was made in the old McMillen Brick Plant. The courthouse association paid $5705.90 of the building cost, the county furnished $1040, and the contractors (B. D. Everingham and J. L. Harlow) were said to have lost $1825. There have been additions to building, but the main structure is still much as it was when completed in 1880. The courthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places and is located at 130 North Park Place, Cresco, Howard County, Iowa. Civil War Soldiers Monument is 30 feet high with a soldier atop a round granite column. There are inscriptions of soldiers on four sides at the base. Twenty-four Iowa courthouses had a civil war monument erected on the grounds. 1908 postmark. Number 464.
Cumberland Savings Bank, 4% on Savings Accounts, Cumberland Iowa
Looking at a one-story wooden building with a Notary Public sign near the front door. The Cumberland Saving Bank was organized on January 7, 1905, with a capital stock of $10,000. Edgar S. Harlan was founding president of the bank. V.E. Benedict, photographer, was from Cumberland, Iowa. 1908 postmark. Title supplied by cataloger.
Danbury Hotel, Danbury, Iowa
View of a 3 story wooden building with front porch. 1908 postmark. Number 7.
Entrance to Fairmount Park, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Looking at street car line passing under a bridge in Fairmount Park. The park was once considered the greatest park in the area and has a history of being one of the premier parks in the country. It featured a greenhouse, ice skating, sledding, a petting zoo and an old bell tower. 1908 postmark. Number 14.


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