Historic Iowa Postcards

Grinnell College Libraries' Historic Iowa Postcard Collection. A collection of postcards from 1900 through the middle of the 20th century, covering all parts of Iowa.

Looking northwest at Broad Street from Fourth Avenue with Congregational Church in the foreground. 1907 postmark. Title supplied by cataloger.

Eagle Point Park has 164 acres overlooking the Mississippi River and General Zebulon Pike Lock and Dam (No. 11). 1907 postmark. Number 3.

Looking south on Main Street downtown Aurelia, Iowa. 1907 postmark.

Looking southeast. Goodnow Hall was constructed in 1885, costing $15,700 excluding telescope ($2,125) and book stacks. Originally served as college library and astronomical observatory. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 1907 postmark.

Several wooden buildings in the business district with water tower located at the end of the street. 1907 postmark. Number 8.

Woman holding dog and flag with school colors and Grinnell College logo on top. 1907 postmark. College series, no. 1. Title supplied by cataloger.

Portrait of two women (one woman's name is Alice and other woman's name is Mary) and a girl standing behind a fence and in front of a house. 1907 postmark.

Looking at the first hospital in Monroe County which was formed in 1909 at the corner of South Clinton and Second Avenue East. It was a former boarding house owned by Dr. Robert P. Miller. In later years, Dr. T.E. Gutch operated the facility then known as the Miner’s Hospital. This hospital closed during World War I due to a shortage of nursing staff. In 1946, after some reconstruction, the hospital was re-opened by Dr. R.A. Smith and was known as Smith Hospital. Monroe County Residents gradually grew out of the Smith Hospital. In 1952, a new hospital was built and the Smith Hospital closed in 1957. 1908 postmark.

Looking at a three-story brick and stone building which was built in 1901. It replaced the old school which was destroyed by a fire in 1900. 1908 postmark.

Union Park was established in 1896 at East 9th Street and Thompson Avenue as one of Des Moines' original five parks. The park was part of the old Thompson farm and started with sixteen acres of land. 1908 postmark. Number 6452.

Baxter Junior Band showing 14 members holding instruments. Second from the left standing is Wesley Krampe as stated on verso. 1908 postmark.

Fire fighters fighting a grain elevator fire in Belle Plaine, Iowa. Two fire engines are pictured. Grain elevator in the background says Northern Grain Company. 1908 postmark.

Looking northeast at Burlington, Iowa business district with the Des Moines County Courthouse and the Mississippi River in the background. 1908 postmark. Number 12189.

An aerial view looking east with the Pottawattamie County Courthouse on the left in the background. This second courthouse on South Pearl Street was built in 1888 at a cost of $141,800. It was later declared unsafe and was replaced with a Modernist structure in 1977. 1908 postmark.

Looking northwest at the Pavillion at the Grand Plaza which was built on the North Shore in 1885 with a saloon, restaurant and boardwalk. It was replaced by a dance hall in 1911, which burned down in 1926. The Council Bluffs Country Club can be seen in the background on the left. Lake Manawa was created in 1881 from a Missouri River flood. 1908 postmark. Number A5383.

People gathered to board a steamer for a cruise. The Clinton Bridge is in the background. In the first quarter of a century after Clinton county was entered for settlement, it had to depend upon the river and the freight wagon, with an occasional stage coach, or horse mail-carrier, for all that it received from the outside world. 1908 postmark. Number 2553.

Looking north on unpaved Broad Street. Number 16488.

Looking south on unpaved Broad Street with bicyclist and Congregational Church in the foreground.

Card has small school banner with cheer: "Whoop em! Skoop em! Thru and thru. We do! We do! Why don't you? Always loyal, always true, B.H.S. scarlet and blue"--t.p.. Copyright 1908 with Acmegraph Co. Number 015.

Chicago & North Western railroad shops in Belle Plaine, Iowa with a railroad locomotive on a turntable. 1908 postmark.