Student Scholarship

Selected academic work created by students at Grinnell College, including research papers, research posters, creative work, and related materials. Mentored Advanced Projects provide students opportunity to work closely with a faculty member on scholarly research or the creation of a work of art. The Frederick Baumann Prize was established in 1993 and funded by David '51 and Audrey Lowe '52 Hammer. It honors Frederick Baumann, professor of history at Grinnell from 1927 to 1954, and is awarded each spring to the student who writes the best interdisciplinary and historical essay on the general topic of 'Ideas and Society.'

Bergman, Sydney.; Fitzpatrick, Anthony.
Project examining how Grinnell, Iowa remembered its Civil War veterans, through the content and language of obituaries written in the Grinnell Herald.

Boateng Asante, Larry '17; Cambronero Sanchez, David '16; Chande, Ravi '11; Gumm, Dylan '11; Weinman, Jerod J.
This data set is designed for testing the performance of optical character recognition (OCR) algorithms on text in scanned historical map images. Thirty maps from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (1866–1927) were chosen from nine atlases in the David Rumsey Map Collection. Most maps are of individual states, though some are regional and one is of the entire U.S.; most are manually typeset, with occasional handwritten text. Each place name and many other textual items are annotated with the baseline, bounds, character heights, and ground truth text transcriptions. Several maps also feature USGS GNIS Feature ID tags for labeled items. Java code for processing is provided with the text-based XML annotations, alongside the original, compressed MrSID images and uncompressed TIFF images. We gratefully acknowledge the David Rumsey Map Collection as the source of the map images, which come with the following notice: "Images copyright 2000 by Cartography Associates. Images may be reproduced or transmitted, but not for commercial use. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons [Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported] license. By downloading any images from this site, you agree to the terms of that license." The remaining (textual and data) material is hereby licensed CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 International; the code incorporated is GPL v3.0 (the license is incorporated in the tar file).

Boehmer, Thomas "Tad" A. W.
Project investigating an unidentified Latin manuscript in the Grinnell College Libraries Department of Special Collections and Archives.

Boggess, Hannah.
Poland and Ireland each have some of the world's most restrictive abortion legislation, with abortion being nearly if not entirely criminalized in both countries. The Catholic Church filled a nationalist role, setting the stage for each country to become a modern theocracy.

Borson, Amanda; Drutchas, Ethan; Lowenburg, Sara; Snow, Christian
This exhibit explores not only how Grinnellians engaged in the actual war, and how they were involved in the debate over slavery before the war and how they commemorated veterans after the War.

Bosak, Anna
The PPPE worked to encourage student participation in politics, and during the 1960s, was one of Grinnell’s largest and most successful extracurricular programs.

Bui, Anh Mai; Mutti, John "Jack" H.; Mutti, John "Jack" H.
Study of the the inter-correlation between the STR and the FDI, thus analyzing the competition among the home countries and among the host ones.

Burnell, Sarah; Fisher, Dylan; Roper, Jackson Montgomery, 1969-; Roper, Jackson Montgomery, 1969-
Anthropology field study of a local high school's system around the question of college readiness through a variety of contacts with recent graduates attending college and a school administrator.

Cabezas Gamarra, Cesar
Cesar Cabezas' submission to the 2012 Peace Studies Conference

Carbone, Morgan; Eckland, Carla; Fainberg, Vadim V.; Halpin-Healy, Anna; Hammond, Edith D.; Helbach, Kelly; Kaiser-Nyman, Chris; Klatt, Alexia; Mills, Lydia; Rodman, Lee; Wright, Lesley, 1957-
The catalog for the student-hosted exhibit "Animals Among Us," which appeared in the Faulconer Gallery from April 5 until June 30, 2013.

Carlino, Ryan
By not specifically citing sexual minorities in the Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the U.N. relegates to individual states the power to decide how they will treat their lesbian and gay citizens.

Carlino, Ryan; Grinnell College. Anthropology Department.
Explores issues of identity formation at Grinnell College during the years 2007-2010 during which time several homophobic incidents took place.

Cetina, Jill
While we, as citizens of the world, are better off in a less belligerent international environment, the population of the former Soviet Union is now suffering through a difficult period of social, economic and political upheaval.

Chandra, Uday; Bateman, Bradley W., 1956-; Bateman, Bradley W., 1956-
This paper analyzes the linkages between ethics and economics in the writings of Aristotle, Smith and Sen, and then provides an alternative paradigm for addressing ethical or normative concerns within contemporary economics

Chen, Liyan
Liyan Chen's submission to the 2012 Peace Studies Conference

Chen, Yu.
A children's book about cross-race friendship created as a public product from psychology seminar research.

Cibula, Emma.
The recent globalization of fashion has transmitted not only the American Confederate flag to other countries, but also the debate surrounding its place in popular culture. This paper investigates the case study of COOK, a popular Argentine clothing company that prominently features the Confederate flag in its logo and branding.

Donlon, Sophie.
The photographer Carrie Mae Weems creates narratives which bring marginalized people into the center of focus. Weems mobilizes herself as artist and as subject in order to engage with issues much larger than herself.

Dunnington, Sam
The catalog for an exhibition by the same name which examines the history of the Limited Editions Club.

Ewing, Brian J.
Concert program for piano recital on December 3, 2006.