Student Scholarship

Selected academic work created by students at Grinnell College, including research papers, research posters, creative work, and related materials. Mentored Advanced Projects provide students opportunity to work closely with a faculty member on scholarly research or the creation of a work of art. The Frederick Baumann Prize was established in 1993 and funded by David '51 and Audrey Lowe '52 Hammer. It honors Frederick Baumann, professor of history at Grinnell from 1927 to 1954, and is awarded each spring to the student who writes the best interdisciplinary and historical essay on the general topic of 'Ideas and Society.'

Exarhos, Alexander.
This project characterizes the historical changes to the channels of the North and South branches of the Skunk River.

Fenster, Kathryn
Kathryn Fenster's submission to the 2012 Peace Studies Student Conference

Fischer, Allison; Liu, Mouchen; Paulhus, Jennifer
The size of the automorphism group of a compact Riemann surface of genus g > 1 is bounded by 84(g-1). Curves with automorphism group of size this bound are called Hurwitz curves. In many cases the automorphism group of these curves is the projective special linear group PSL(2,q). We present a decomposition of the Jacobian varieties for all curves of this type and prove that no such Jacobian variety is simple.

Fitzgerald, Xena
This paper examines Diego Velázquez's portraits of Margarita Teresa and Baltasar Carlos to achieve an understanding of the children¹s political and gendered identities.

Frank, Cameron A.; Wickramasekara, Sujeev
A study of the properties of spatially dependent Newton-Cartan gravity under noninertial, nonrelativistic reference frames.

Frerick, Austin Ronald
This study explores the reemergence of company towns in American society through the analysis of slaughtering communities in rural Iowa.

Frerick, Austin Ronald; Ketter, Jean A.; Werner, Timothy; Ketter, Jean A.; Werner, Timothy
This study analyzes several rural school districts in the state of Iowa that have experienced relatively sudden demographic shifts in recent years with schools shifting from an almost totally white, English speaking population to a continually growing number of Hispanic and ESL/LEP students.

Garcia, Daniel Isaac
This paper analyzes the effects of higher international commodity prices and taxes on the Honduran economy using a dynamic recursive computable general equilibrium (CGE) model developed by the International Food Policy Research.

Garcia, Javon.
Short film created of Adrian Khactu's film studies class in Spring 2013 about bodies and how they perform in the world using images and quotations.

Goldfien, Michael; Seltzer-Schultz, Erica
This paper seeks to explain the trend of the alienation of younger American Jews from the Jewish state.

Grabinski, Thomas Dale
Film made for Queer Cinema class in Spring 2013 about love, coffee, and sadness

Griffith, Claire
Claire Griffith's submission to the 2012 Peace Studies Student Conference

Grout, Tasman; Semlow, Andrea; Neems, Sophie
This goal of this project was to explore the potential barriers experienced by Grinnell residents when accessing food assistance resources.

Hamamoto, Sydney.
Japanese Americans sought to build a sense of community within the bounds of the internment camps during World War II using participation in religious activity.

Hechler, Charlotte; Fenster, Kathryn
Anthropology field study of a local non-profit, Galaxy, Inc., a youth center, and its fundraising strategies.

Henderson, Sarah; Nelson, Elizabeth.
Paper focusing on how to increase attendance at the Grinnell Historical Museum. .

Hiller, Joseph
Joe Hiller's submission to the 2012 Peace Studies Student Conference

Isa Adaniya, Angelica B.
Using Gambia as the location, the author explores the question of whether it is possible for Human rights organizations to work with/alongside authoritarian regimes to benefit the people in the country.

Januska, Megan
Megan Januska's submission to the 2012 Peace Studies Student Conference

Jones, Summer.
An exploration of two all-income sharing communes in Rural Virgina. Twin Oaks, founded in 1967 and Acorn, founded in 1993.