Student Scholarship

Selected academic work created by students at Grinnell College, including research papers, research posters, creative work, and related materials. Mentored Advanced Projects provide students opportunity to work closely with a faculty member on scholarly research or the creation of a work of art. The Frederick Baumann Prize was established in 1993 and funded by David '51 and Audrey Lowe '52 Hammer. It honors Frederick Baumann, professor of history at Grinnell from 1927 to 1954, and is awarded each spring to the student who writes the best interdisciplinary and historical essay on the general topic of "Ideas and Society."

Scheibel, Jordan
This guide will help you learn to identify wild plants that live in the Grinnell, Iowa area and determine which are edible.

Shelton, Garrett P.
This is an essay chronicling the history of the black studies major at Grinnell College, with an emphasis on the reasons it had such a short career. It also provides an overview of the CBS (Concerned Black Students) Manifesto of 1971.

Shepard, Kathleen Ann, 1987-; Shields, Nora L.; Tipayamongkol, Natti; Dahlberg, Molly M.; Kim, Ben; Moulton, Nicholas W.; Jerndal, Emma C.; Hagen-Atwell, Hannah; Rein, Laura E.; Kramer, Paul F.; Henning, Amy M.
Concert program for recital on November 9, 2006.

Shrestha, Ami
Ami Shrestha's Davis Peace Project undertaking. Focused on bringing education to young Tibetan monks.

Shrestha, Prakriti
Disparities in access to care are greatly amplified in a developing country like Nepal due to social factors such as gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic background.

Snodgrass, Samantha.
Explores surface runoff as it has been increasing in quantity and decreasing in quality as more land is converted into impermeable surface.

Stamm, Laura
In this paper, I map out an analysis of two queer films: Bruce LaBruce’s The Raspberry Reich (2004) and Ulrike Ottinger’s Freak Orlando (1981). I examine both films’ representations of revolutionary desire and contextualize these images within the framework of the antisocial turn in queer theory.

Stamm, Laura
In 1992, B. Ruby Rich coined the term New Queer Cinema to describe a cycle of films in the late 1980s and early 1990s that broke with conventional cinematic practices to show rethought subjectivities, generic subversions, and revised histories. New Queer Cinema, however, saw little of the same bursts of innovative directors and their films after 1992. This lag in revolutionary filmmaking left many evaluating queer cinema’s current state, even mourning the supposed end of New Queer Cinema. In this paper, I argue that queer filmmaking is not void of revolutionary potential; it is more that the driving force behind these films has changed. Instead of acting in opposition to a conservative government that failed to respond to the AIDS crisis, current queer work resists the normalizing effects of today’s neoliberal government. A cycle study of recent queer films reveals this driving revolutionary force.

Stamm, Laura
This essay seeks to provide a re-articulation of eating disorders’ history using feminist historiography.

Takawira, Desire
There is an old expression in Zimbabwe that well articulates how people feel in the current situation: “Madziro ane nzeve (Shona for 'Walls have ears').” I am tired of these walls that people claim can hear. I need to speak my mind, without fear, without looking over my shoulder.

Tenorio, Roselle.
The purpose of my research was to identify the barriers that rural food pantries face in trying to provide food security to their clients.

Tidd, Lauren.
An examination of the Forum and JRC grills using interviews and GIS data suggests that both architecture and experience are important and interrelated factors that shape perceptions of atmosphere, with experience playing a particularly influential role for people who have memories that they associate with place.

Van Court, Rachel
Farmers are seen as the ultimate independent agent in American society, but this is not reflected in the reality of modern farming.

Van Heeke, Thomas "Tom"
This paper considers how the Russian people feel about the world around them and about the two most significant actors in it, the United States and China.

Vanney, Kathryn
The catalog of an exhibition by the same name that was installed to celebrate the release of a new edtion of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Vanney, Kathryn; Elliott, Thomas
The catalog of an exhibition by the same name which was produced as part of a Rosenfield Symposium focusing on corn.

Weitekamp, Sarah
Exploration of the relationship between the KGB and Catholic Church in Lithuania after 1940.

Wenndt, Anthony J.
Anthony Wenndt's submission to the 2012 Peace Studies Student Conference

Wenndt, Anthony J.
This play brings to light critical issues regarding the realization of the 2009 Kyrgyz law “On Pastures” in the agricultural context.

Wenndt, Anthony J.
(In Russian)This play brings to light critical issues regarding the realization of the 2009 Kyrgyz law “On Pastures” in the agricultural context.