Studio Art

This collection contains the work made by students in Grinnell’s Studio Art Department. Student work involves a broad range of media from studio courses, which includes: painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, print media, digital media, and installation. It also features images from student exhibitions at the Smith Gallery, and the annual Bachelor of Arts Exhibition at the Faulconer Gallery.

Stewart, Zack.
Digital graphic score (6 pages) for "Anticipation," an original composition for 5 MIDI marimbas and synthesizer. An audio recording of the composition is also available on SoundCloud.

Stewart, Zack.
Digital graphic score (1 page) for "Vignettes," a composition for three saxophonists combining Soundpainting with live improvisation derived from players musically interpreting the score's imagery. A video recording of the score's performance at Smith Gallery on March 6, 2017 is also available on YouTube and Vimeo.

Stewart, Zack.
Oil painting exploring aesthetics of digital glitch artwork in an analog format.

Tang Tang
This teaset reflects both the beauty of nature and handcraft. The artist was inspired by ginkgo leaves, which symbolize health and happiness in China.