Court house and Soldier's Monument, Cresco, Iowa

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Looking northeast at an Italianate-Classic style building which was completed in 1880. The red and buff-colored brick used in its construction were made in the old McMillen Brick Plant. The courthouse association paid $5705.90 of the building cost, the county furnished $1040, and the contractors (B. D. Everingham and J. L. Harlow) were said to have lost $1825. There have been additions to the building, but the main structure is still much as it was when completed in 1880. The courthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places and is located at 130 North Park Place, Cresco, Howard County, Iowa. Civil War Soldiers Monument is 30 feet high with a soldier atop a round granite column. There are inscriptions of soldiers on four sides at the base. Twenty-four Iowa courthouses had a civil war monument erected on the grounds. The courthouse is located at 137 North Elm Street, Cresco, Howard County, Iowa. 1908 postmark. Number 464.