G. W. Cook Correspondence, 1857-1860

Correspondence between a Grinnell citizen, George Washington Cook, and family and acquaintances between 1857 and 1860.

Letters six and seven are written on the same piece of paper. Letter six is from Electa C. Cook and letter seven is from George W. Cook. Both are to Sarah E. Cook.

Electa writes about how busy she has been and how much she misses Sarah. George writes that he is a member of a Society of Good Templars. He also writes of how he and Electa live.

George writes about the land he has purchased and the types of crops grown. He also writes about the weather, and the social activities in town.

George writes to friends about banking, land sales, land use, crops, and frontier life.

This letter describing the travel from Connecticut to Iowa is probably the first letter sent from Grinnell, IA, to Meriden, CT. It seems to fix the arrival of George and Electa in Grinnell to late April 1857.

George writes about land sales in the town.

A description of township land with accompanying hand drawn map. The move of Iowa College from Davenport to Grinnell is mentioned.

Electa writes of how she misses Sarah and remembers good times together. George writes of their dog, Caper, and mentions crops.

George writes to his brothers about the railroad vote, and about bonds in Iowa Country and counties west of Iowa County. Land prices are also discussed.

George writes to his brothers about purchasing land, crops (including price of), the railroad, the State University of Iowa, and the State Board of Education.

The results of a vote concerning a loan to the railroad is discussed.

George writes about land sales, the building of the railway, and Westward emigration.

George writes to his brother Collins about the railroad in Iowa and Illinois, and speaks about Henry Farnum [Farnam]. Land plots and lines of credit are discussed.

George writes to his brothers about the bond vote for the railroad. He sends money for the purposes of purchasing a deed. He also writes that a vote was taken to move the College from Davenport to Grinnell.

Deed for Land, signed by J. B. and J. A. Grinnell. WARRANTY DEED SIGNED 1 January 1859 RECORDED 5 January 1859. Land sold to Electa C. Cook.

Electa writes to her sister-in-law Sarah about how much she misses Sarah and their family. She also writes about the clothing she owns, and what is owned by a woman she knows in town.

Electa thanks Sarah for the dress pattern, and briefly discusses their family. George writes about the District Court, the weather, buying a farm in Massachusetts, and the injury of an acquaintance.

George writes to Sarah that he has little to write, and reports that he and many others in town have been sick. The weather has been poor. He gives a report of the progress on the building of the railroad. Electa asks to be sent [clothes] patterns.