Kleinschmidt Architectural History

John Kleinschmidt was a professor of French at Grinnell College with a passion for local history. This collection features many of the documents and photographs that he compiled about the history of both the Grinnell College campus and the greater Grinnell community.

Details of the building that first stood near what is now the northwest corner of the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broad Street.

Front exterior of the brick house at 1002 High Street, built in the 1880s and no longer standing. In this photograph taken in 1895, three figures in a horse-drawn wagon are shown at bottom right.

Photographs of the house at 1008 High Street, built sometime before 1861. The family home of H. W. Williams, it later was converted to student apartments.

Photographs of the house at 1011 Broad Street, built in 1895.

Photographs of the house at 1110 Main Street (Sixth and Main).

Photograph of the house at 1124 Third Avenue, built in the late 19th century. An early owner was Louise Henley, wife of Eugene Henley, superintendent of Grinnell schools from 1905. The house was later owned by Janet Carl and Greg Johnson.

Photograph of the J. H. McMurray home at 1125 Broad Street, built in 1895. The Grinnell Historical Museum acquired the property in 1965.

Photographs of the house at 1126 Broad Street owned by E. W. Clark, a doctor.

Photograph of the frame building at 1127 Park Street. Constructed in 1888, it was owned by H. G. Little, followed by Mrs. E. D. Rand. The house originally had verandas on the south, north, and east. It served at various times as a hospital, a college club, and a college administration building.

Photograph of the house at 1133 Broad Street, built in 1895 for B. J. Carney, who owned a lumber business.

Photographs of the interior and exterior of the house at 1206 Broad Street.

Photograph taken in the 1890s of the house at 1227 Broad Street, built in 1882 for William Beaton, a piano tuner. His daughter, Isabella Beaton, became a nationally known pianist. The house was taken down in 1934.

Photographs of the house at 1303 Park Street, built by and for David R. Warburton in about 1900.

Exterior shot of one side of 1315 Park Street. This house is no longer standing.

Photographs of the house at 1407 Sixth Avenue, built in 1868.

Photographs of the house at 1807 Fourth Avenue, built in 1883 for Luke Newton Sherman.

Photograph of the house at 418 East Street, built sometime before 1878, when it was listed in the City Directory. The house was owned by Samuel A. Cravath, editor of the Grinnell Herald, the older and more prestigious of the two newspapers in town (the other being the Grinnell Register). The tower was later removed.

Photograph of the house at 436 East Street, built in the 1860s for Samuel F. Cooper. The house sat on 40 acres well back from East Street, and its porte cochere was one of the few in town. The house was burned down by design in 1978.

Photographs of the house on the southwest corner of First Avenue and Park Street, originally built in 1876.

Photograph of Child's Livery and Feed Stable, located at 716 Fourth Avenue. The brick building was constructed in 1880 and is no longer standing.