Social Justice at Grinnell

Since its very earliest days, the faculty, students and staff of Grinnell College have been committed to the cause of social justice, a tradition that can be traced backed to the abolitionist views of the College's founders. Grinnell College has been a stop on Underground Railroad, a center of the Social Gospel Movement and a key contributor of leaders to Roosevelt's New Deal. Today, this spirit of service is alive and well, with organizations like the Voicebox working to coordinate the wide variety of student groups struggling for social equality.

John Brown stayed at the house of J.B. Grinnell for a short time in 1859.

Clipping from Des Moines Register describing John Brown's route across Iowa.

Clipping from Des Moines Register advertising the Grinnell installment of their series on John Brown's journey across Iowa

Photographs taken during the 2011 Grinnell College Young Innovator for Social Justice Prize Symposium as the prize recipients gathered on campus. Includes photos taken in JRC 101 and Herrick Chapel.

Poster advertising a stand-up comedy event, held as part of the 2012 Peace Studies Student Conference

Ashraya Dixit, recipient of a Davis Projects for Peace grant, described the project as a first-time effort to construct straw bale building in the area and help promote low-cost, energy-efficient and earthquake-safe buildings.

Clipping advertising a series of articles by the Des Moines Register about John Brown's trip through Iowa, including his stay at J.B. Grinnell's home.