Studio Art

Dann, Bailey.
This work comes out of the desire to produce a visual representation of the wounds Indigenous women have faced in postcolonial society and show through the healing process that their dreams and realization of the future can be made. Utilizing traditional weaving methods to create dreamcatchers, I wanted to combine that method with embroidery and color.

Freger, Halley.
This mixed media drawing explores the connection between the body and understanding gender and sexuality through psychoanalytic theory. By combining an abject representation of a body with humorous text, it presents both the frustration and joy that comes with applying critical theory to physical existence.

Freger, Halley.
This glitched digital collage challenges and fractures iconic images of femininity.

Freger, Halley.
This oil painting explores the complexity and fear of a child growing up with a parent described as mentally ill.

Froikin, Caelum.
Manipulated monotype image. Laser engraved fill, outlined by black acrylic on paper.

Froikin, Caelum.
Manipulated scan. 5 color acrylic screen-print.

Froikin, Caelum.
Improvised drawing.

Froikin, Caelum.
Non-representational color field painting.

Froikin, Caelum.
Non-representational color field painting. Detail shot.

Oness, Jensen
Experiment in 3d painting

Oness, Jensen.
Figural drawings inspired by the non representational marbled ground. Lovers was part of a series of works devoted to merging representational drawing with complete abstraction. It began as a water marbled image covered later with ink illustrations, then photographed and manipulated digitally. Finally, it was reprinted on archival paper.

Oness, Jensen.
An experiment in 3D painting


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