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A New Story : Unifying Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland U.K.'s Competing Narratives
Big Meat, Small Towns: The Meatpacking Industry’s Shift to Rural America and the Reemergence of Company Towns
Cumulative Effects of Systematic Discrimination Against Transgender Americans
Girls on Film : The Intersecting Histories of Queer Cinema and Feminist Filmmaking
Personal Problems Are Political Problems: The Gendered History of Disordered Eating
Reduced pollinator service and elevated pollen limitation at the geographic range limit of an annual plant
Reflexive Curation: Accident, Risk, and Medium in the Collectively Curated Collection
Rise of Majority-Minority Districts in Rural Iowa: How Changes in Meatpacking Impacted Rural Schooling
River of Words, Raft of Our Conjoined Neurologies
Scholarly Communication and Liberal Arts College Libraries