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Performing, Practicing and Organizing Liberty: New York's African Free Schools and the Black Activist Community, 1786-1832
Personal Problems Are Political Problems: The Gendered History of Disordered Eating
Preparedness for Higher Education Among Grinnell High School Graduates
Public Discourse and Social Tolerance: New Ideas for Russian Society
Reclassifying Islamist Organizations: A Multidimensional Typology of Political Islam
Rise of Majority-Minority Districts in Rural Iowa: How Changes in Meatpacking Impacted Rural Schooling
Russian Public Opinion: Mass Perspectives on the United States and China in 2010
Sacre Quantique for brass quintet
South of the Confederacy: Confederate Symbols in Argentine Clothing and the Erasure of History.
Spatial Dependence in Newton-Cartan Gravity in Nonintertial Reference Frames