Take-Down Policy Details

Grinnell College Libraries make every effort to ensure that we have the appropriate rights to ingest and provide access to content. In those cases where the rights are unclear, we archive but do not provide access to the work. Parties who have questions or who wish to contest the use of specific works may contact the Librarian of the College.

Digital Grinnell is intended to provide persistent access to deposited material. Under certain circumstances, however, it may be necessary to remove material from Digital Grinnell.

Triggers for withdrawal may include discovery of a copyright violation or publication of an article with a publisher that does not allow previous versions to be available. A withdrawal request may be initiated by the depositor or, in the case of a copyright violation, an internal or external entity. A request for removal should be directed to the Digital Grinnell administrators (digital@grinnell.edu) and include the reasons for withdrawal. Digital Grinnell staff may contact the requestor for additional information. The decision to withdraw or not is made by the Grinnell College Libraries’ Digital Grinnell administrators.

If a withdrawal is requested due to an alleged copyright violation, Digital Grinnell staff will notify the depositor and block access to the item. Neither Digital Grinnell staff nor Grinnell College Libraries are responsible for resolving copyright disputes. If it is found that copyright was not violated, access to the withdrawn item will be reinstated.

Items may not be withdrawn because the depositor or author is moving to another institution. The depositor has the right to give additional copies to other institutions under the non-exclusive agreement.

Since any item that has existed within Digital Grinnell may have been cited via its persistent URL, Digital Grinnell will always supply a "tombstone" citation when the item is requested. When a withdrawn item is requested, the original metadata along with a withdrawal statement will appear in place of the object. For example:

  • Removed from view by legal order.
  • Removed from view at request of the author.
  • Removed from view at request of the publisher.
  • Removed from view by the Grinnell College Libraries.
  • Removed from view due to a violation of Digital Grinnell collection deposit policy.