About Digital Grinnell

Digital Grinnell contributes to the "free inquiry and the open exchange of ideas" that is part of Grinnell College's mission by sharing scholarly and creative work created at the College with the larger community. Digital Grinnell hosts a wide and growing variety of materials created by Grinnell College students, faculty, and staff, as well as selected material that illuminates the College’s history and other activities. Over time, it will also host digital versions of important art, specimen, book, and manuscript collections held by the College. Digital Grinnell will allow this material to be showcased through the College Web site, browsed, searched, and preserved over the long term. The Digital Grinnell suite includes a platform for online journal publication, including submission, editorial review, and publication, and a platform for conferences and conference papers that also includes submission, review, and publication functions.

Who to Contact

Questions about contributing content, about the technology, or about setting up a new journal or conference can be directed to digital@grinnell.edu.

Guidelines for Recommending Content

We welcome suggestions for items or collections that might be appropriate for Digital Grinnell.

For student work (and alumni work created when students), a faculty member must recommend that the work be included in the repository. Works by students and alumni created outside Grinnell would be considered based on other criteria as appropriate. We prefer material in digital form, but in some cases can arrange to digitize material in physical form. All material must be copyright clear: we need to know the author(s) and have the author's (or authors') permission to deposit it. An author may include a composer, performer, speaker, artist, or writer. Authors will be asked to sign an authorization form or submit the appropriate Online Authorization Form to authorize their content. We will need the following information about the material:

  • Name(s) of the author(s)
  • Title of the work
  • Date of creation
  • A short abstract of the work
  • Keywords the author would suggest applying to the work
  • Circumstances under which the work was created (e.g., a MAP; a seminar paper for a particular course), including the sponsoring faculty’s name.

Faculty and staff may deposit materials that will remain restricted to campus after consulting with a librarian or a member of DLAC.   

Take-Down Policy

Grinnell College Libraries make every effort to ensure that we have the appropriate rights to ingest and provide access to content. In those cases where the rights are unclear, we archive but do not provide access to the work. Parties who have questions or who wish to contest the use of specific works may contact the Librarian of the College. For more information, click here.

About the Technology

Digital Grinnell is built on the following open-source software:

Digital Grinnell is committed to using open-source software whenever possible. Using open-source software will allow us to develop new functions over time and to collaborate with a large community of other libraries, colleges, and universities.

Viewing Files in the Digital Repository

Any files available in the Digital Repository may be downloaded and opened using appropriate applications on your computer. PDF, image, and audiovisual files may also be viewed online. Please contact us by using the "Report a Problem" link on the bottom of the page if you run into any issues with viewing or downloading files.

About the Collaboration

Digital Grinnell is a college-wide collaboration of the Libraries, Curricular Technology, Information Technology Services, the Faulconer Gallery, and the Dean's Office, with support from Communications and Development and Alumni Relations. Digital Grinnell graphics are courtesy of the Office of Communications.