Ancient Coins

A collection of Roman coins dating from 225 BCE to 383 CE. These coins were originally identified and catalogued by Danja Foss ’91, with revisions by Sarah Hubbard ’17 and Monessa Cummins, Associate Professor of Classics. Sarah Hubbard photographed the coins for use in this database. Descriptions of Republican coins are based on those of the British Museum’s online database, Roman Republican Coins, which is based on the work of M. H. Crawford, Roman Republican Coinage (1974). Descriptions of imperial coins are based on those of the multi-volume reference work, Roman Imperial Coinage (1923–94), which was begun by Harold Mattingly and Edward Allen Sydenham, and continues to be revised today. This database exists because of the indispensable expertise of the staff of Burling Library.

Obverse: Bust of Otacilia Severa, right, diademed, draped; Latin inscription: MARCIA OTACIL SEVERA AVG. Reverse: Hippopotamus standing, right; Latin inscription: below, S C; around, Latin inscription: SAECVLARES AVGG.

Obverse: Bust of Traianus Decius, right, radiate, draped; Latin inscription: IMP TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG. Reverse: Pax standing left, holding branch and transverse scepter; Latin inscription: PAX AVGVSTI.

Obverse: Bust of Salonina, right, diademed, draped, on crescent; Latin inscription: SALONINA AVG. Reverse: Juno seated left, holding infant and flower; Mint–mark: in exergue, MS; Latin inscription: IVNO AVG.

Obverse: Head of Galerius Maximian, laureate, right; Latin inscription: GAL VAL MAXIMIANVS NOB CAES. Reverse: Genius standing left, modius on head, naked but for chlamys over left shoulder, holding in right hand patera (from which liquor flows), in left, cornucopiae; Mint-mark: in exergue, KA; Latin inscription: GENIO AVGG ET CAESARVM NN.

Obverse: Bust of Helena, right, diademed, mantled, with necklace; Latin inscription: FL HELENA AVGVSTA. Reverse: Securitas standing left, lowering branch, raising robe with right hand; in exergue, Latin inscription: SMNB; Latin inscription: SECVRITAS REIPVBLICE.

Obverse: Bust of Magnus Maximus, pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed; Latin inscription: DN MAG MAXIMVS PF AVG. Reverse: Emperor standing facing, head left, with right hand raising kneeling turreted female; holding Victory on globe in left hand; Mint-mark: in exergue: [?] CON; Latin inscription: REPARATIO REIPVB.