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Theater program. Chrestomathian-Ellis Literary Societies of Iowa College present L'Aiglon, a romantic drama in five acts by Edmond Rostand; preceded by The Hour-Glass, a morality play in one act by W. B. Yeats. Souvenir program of dramatics presented by Chrestomathian-Ellis Societies at the Colonial Theatre, Grinnell, Iowa, Friday evening, May 11, 1906. Cast of The Hour-Glass: Edd O. Hunting, Louis D. Hartson, Neva D. Armstrong. Cast of L'Aiglon: Emma M. Suckow, Lucia M. Carter, Amy G. Collins, Beth I. Ames, Clare M. Lyon, Blanche Bray, Clarence E. Lyon, Arie Muyskens, Harry C. Seeds, Warren W. Tuttle, Harold W. Rice, Arthur K. Beik, Dwight Campbell, Earl P. Carney, Harry H. Wheaton. Drake Community Library Archives. Early Theater Productions. Collection #100.