Center School, Grade 7A, Grinnell, Ia.

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Center School seventh grade in Grinnell, Iowa, poses for a class photo in May 1935. Photo by Photocraft. First (front) row, left to right: Alfred Belcher, Wilbert Wortman, Jerome Morrison, David Barns, Vincent Keenan, Laster Broders, Raymond Spencer, Kenneth Norris, David Livingston, Lester Riley, Marelyn Olson, Raymond Cox. Second row: David Overst, ? Morrison, Bernard Keenan, Harold Tibbs, Joe Perce, Gerald Guyer, Max Jones, Cleveland Duncan, Raymond Kogar. Third row: Ruth Hoover, Betty Hutchison, Shirley Gwin, Thelma Dewey, Barbara Doud, Margaret Bangham, Dorothy Lincoln, Maxine Onthank, Charlotte Meacham. Fourth row: Christina Stanley, Mary Rayle, Doris Kennedy, Marjorie Scrandrett, Margaret Bryan. Fifth (back) row: Betty Hill, Gladys Meldren, Bertha Belcher, Wanda Badger, unidentified, Agnes Lincoln, Virginia Granstaff. Girls sitting on the left: Cleta Arnold, Pauline Phipps, Annette Russell(?), Phyllis Dean, Opal Sharp. Girls sitting on the right: Shirley Gesten, Phyllis Long Betty Taylor, Opal Underwood.