Conversations with Iowa Farmers

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Frank Heath, Becca Rae-Holloway, Laurel Tuggle, and Barb Lease interviewed 30 Iowa farmers who grew up on Grinnell, Iowa, area farms in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. Those interviewed included Raymond Brown, Burton Cooper and his sister Loretta Burrell, Gary and Susan Davis, Robert Dimit, Stanley Greenwald, Larry Ellis, Jean Hinegardner, Howard McDonough, Henry Harris, Bruce Henriksen, Elsie Johnston, James Harley and Patricia McIlrath, Gene and Ellen Merck, Don Milburn, Mike Mintle, Allan and Shirley Moyer, Bill and Marjorie Rempp, Ronald Riley, Boyd Sparks, Don and Doris Weaver, Frank Wheeler, Lucille Binegar Van Dyke, and Ronald Van Gennep.