Bailey Park School Fourth Grade 1958/1959

Class photo of the fourth grade class at Bailey Park School in Grinnell, Iowa, in 1958/1959. Lavina Osborn was the teacher. Top row, left to right: Miss Osborn, Dennis Whannel, Judy Kerr, Connie Walraven, Kelly Chady, Carolyn Wilson, Joan Whitcomb. Second row, left to right: Diane DeMeulenaere, Lance Wilson, Carol Jensen, Jim Sanders, Dodie Duncan. Third row, left to right: Betty Peak, Mary Warlet, Karen Strovers, Diana Jones, Janeen Thompson. Fourth row, left to right: Judy Haptenstal, Jerry Schalinske, Linda Bittner, Vicki Elliot, Robert Thornton. Fifth row, left to right: Mickey Reavis, Geoffrey Wozny, Markijean Pawlak, Dick Postels, Gary Johnson. Bottom row, left to right: Grace Haage (Bailey Park school principal), Greg Puls, Betty McHenry, Ron Van Wechel, Mike Green, Erin Petersen.
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