Choir, 2011

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Top row/left to right: unknown, Paul Legen, Dun Ehulich '14, Professor Ramsey, Aaron Barker, and unknown. Second row/left to right: unknown, Max Herzberg , unknown, unknown, Sam '11 [unknown last name] Third row/left to right: Laura Lockwood , unknown, Mark Mercier '11?, unknown, and Anne Damtoft '12?. Fourth row/left to right: unknown, Ben Tape, DeShaun Peters '14, Tayler Chicoihe, David Cowden '14. Fifth row/left to right: Kathleen Murphy Geiss, Kayle [last name unknown], Katie In, unknown, and Deborah Burice. Sixth row/left to right:Kathryn Walder '12, Ayla Favati '13, Becca Pred-Sosa, Sarah Goff, Iris Youhg '13, unknown. Bottom row/left to right: Miltan Garcia '14, unknown, Samantha Schwartz '14, unknown, Sophie Fajardo '12, and Joe Veneziano of the College Choir.