Grinnell Historical Museum

Photographs from the collection of the Grinnell Historical Museum.

A photograph of Rachel M. Newton (1839-1906) as a young woman, posing with her high school diploma. She is wearing her graduation dress, which is long and white with lace collar and sleeves. Her hair is pulled back and she is standing next to a chair with a throw pillow, holding her diploma with both hands.

Black and white photograph showing the face of Rev. Homer Hamlin (1813-1868), a prominent Abolitionist and one of the founders of Grinnell.

Portrait photograph of Levi Marsh, a bearded man with a long suit coat with a hat in one hand and a cane in the other. Mr. Marsh was one of the first settlers of Grinnell.

Black and white photograph showing oblique view of First Methodist Church in Grinnell on the corner of 5th Avenue and Park Street, Grinnell, Iowa. Written inscription on back reads "M.E. Church / Grinnell / Copy of June McNally picture."

Sepia photograph showing the First Methodist Church at the corner of 5th Avenue and Park Street in Grinnell. The road in front is extremely muddy. The photograph was donated to the museum by Maude Bortell Davis.

A black and white portrait photograph of William Calvin Williams (1847-1928) in cardboard frame. He is shown wearing a suit with his hair slicked back. The back of the photograph has the following statement: "Dad - 21 yrs. Your Grandpa Williams awhile before he and Marian were married, after the Civil War." William Calvin Williams traveled with a company of Union soldiers during the Civil War until he was old enough to enlist in the 13th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry and served for the rest of the war. He married Marian Alice Cook Williams in 1872, with whom he had 4 children. He was also a member of the Masonic order and G.A.R. in Grinnell. The donor included a post-it, which states "William Calvin Williams My grandmothers father."

A black and white portrait photograph of Marian Alice Cook Williams (1853-1926) in cardboard frame. She is shown wearing a buttoned shirt with a large square ruffled collar. The back of the photograph has the following statements: "Mom - 16," "-- Grandma Williams," "Grandma Turner's mother." Marian Cook Williams was born in New York, but later moved to Iowa and lived on a farm. She married William Calvin Williams in 1872, with whom she had 4 children. She was also a member of the W. R. C., the New Century Club, and the Methodist Church.

Black and white photographic portrait of Edwin Parish, seated, wearing a dark suit. This item is labeled "E. S. Parish." Edwin S. Parish (1875-1966) may not be the man pictured based on the assumed age of the photograph.

Portrait of George F. Magoun (1821-1896). His side profile is shown, and he is wearing a suit and sporting a long beard. George Magoun served as President of Iowa College in Grinnell, Iowa from 1865-1884.

Black and white photographic portrait of Mary Taylor of Lower Blue Point (Poweshiek County, Iowa), wife of Matthew Taylor and an early settler of Poweshiek County. The Taylor's homesteaded in 1856. Mrs. Taylor wears a metal brooch on her collar.

Copy of a black and white photograph of the corner of 4th Avenue and Broad Street, Grinnell, Iowa taken circa 1880 showing the Johnson and Co. drug store and a number of carriages. This corner is now occupied by the former Merchants National Bank - the Louis Sullivan Jewel Box Bank. The photograph was reproduced for the 1954 Grinnell Centennial.

A very early front-3/4 picture of the First Congregational Church before the steeple was added. Written inscription on back reads "Donor - Oct 18, 1987 / Millie Gehlen / [address] / from: Ina E. Hill - adopted daughter of / Abbey Williams + Frank R. Hill."

Grinnell Herald Staff c. 1879-1881. Individuals are named on the back of the photograph: Front Row seated Man?, Mrs. Sue Day (1847-1888), Bonnie Bonsall (Mrs. G. H. Hamlin, 1856-1936), S. A. Cravath - Editor, Miss Hostetter (Alice 1849-1912, probably Mary Alice). Back row left to right 1.?, 2. Will Day printer, 3. ?. Note on the photo - One of above men might be Harry D (unreadable) or Albert Shaw. Both worked in the Herald at same time as my aunt Mrs. Geo. Hamlin. Signed Emma Beebe. Albert Shaw was part owner of the Herald with S. A. Cravath from 1879-1883. Elizabeth "Bonnie" Bonsall Hamlin was a niece of S. A. Cravath.

Black and white photograph of 1006 and 1008 Pearl Street with seven individuals in period dress outside.

Black and white photographic portrait of "Great Grandpop Woomer, My Boys Great Grandfather." Judging by the age of the photograph and of the man, this is likely Adam Woomer (1818-1904) of Davenport. Mr. Woomer is dressed in a suit and bow tie.

A portrait of Anna Marie Bush Stewart (1826-1908), wife of Joel Stewart. She is shown wearing a hairband, a white scarf, a chained necklace, and earrings.

Buildings along RI (Rock Island) line before Grinnell Fire, possibly Central Park West. Several two-story brick buildings are visible in the background along with telephone poles. There is a wheeled cart in the middle at the right edge.

Photographic portrait of Garrett Polhemus Wyckoff, Sr. (1829-1909), father of Grinnell College sociology professor and Red Cross organizer Garrett Polhemus Wyckoff, Jr. (1871-1951).

Black and white photograph showing Henry W. Spaulding (1846-1937) dressed in a long coat and holding a hat, standing in front of a painted forest backdrop. Henry was the founder of Spaulding Manufacturing Company, in addition to being an Iowa state senator from 1910 the mayor of Grinnell for a short period of time.

Sepia photograph showing Henry W. Spaulding (1846-1937) seated in a relaxed pose and wearing a suit with a fine watch fob.