Grinnell Historical Museum

Portrait of Lena Sprague, around high school graduation age, wearing a white, ankle-length dress with three-quarter length eyelet lace sleeves. She wears a bracelet and locket necklace while resting her hands on a podium.

Hoyt and June Veber, playmates of Don (1914-1980) and Paul (1915-1980) Anderson. Hoyt is wearing a buttoned shirt, belt, and rolled-up pants and June is wearing a white dress. The photograph is enclosed in a stiff paper leather-look booklet.

Black and white photographic print (or possibly copy of an ambrotype) showing an adult Ralph Lyman Longley (1892-1980), although there is a question mark after his name on the back. This young man has a wonderful pompadour hairstyle. Ralph was a farmer and author of "Cabin on the Second Ridge."

Black and white photographic portrait of Alexander Manson (1875-1966) in police uniform with a badge reading "CHIEF" on his cap. Manson served as chief of police in Grinnell from 1921 through 1939. Judging by his appearance, this photograph was most likely taken in the 1920s. During World War I he joined the YMCA and served as secretary with overseas duty in Paris for 2 1/2 years.

Black and white photograph showing interior view of First Congregational Church / Old Stone Church facing the altar. The large pipe organ is visible at the back, along with ribbed vaults, columns, and mezzanine railings.

Black and white photograph showing a woman standing outdoors in front of a house wearing a fur coat. There is snow on the ground. Judging by the woman's facial structure, her fur coat, and the approximate date of this photograph, the woman is likely Annie Williams Woomer Turner. An earlier picture shows a young Annie Williams Woomer wearing what appears to be the same coat.

Black and white photograph of Ina Sprague (1891-1979), lifelong resident of Grinnell. Ina was principal of the Davis School for 28 years until her retirement in 1956.

Black and white photograph showing Old Stone Church from above. Cars line the street in front. Written inscription on back reads "Longley Estate - Before 1952." Stamped inscription reads "Wellhouse Studio / 927 Broad Street / Grinnell, Iowa / PHONE 121."

Photo of 6th grade students of Cooper School, class of 1950-1951. Color print laminated on both sides. Group photo. A separate note provides the names of the students.

Black and white photograph showing head-on view of bellhouse and steeple of the Old Stone Church (First Congregational Church). The portion of the church adjacent to the tower is in ruins, with rubble strewn across the ground. Two people stand atop the tower. Several figures and a car (possibly a Hudson Hornet) are visible in the foreground.

Photo of Pauline Tarrell Wheeler taken in Small's Jewelry Store, 12/7/1956. Pauline was born on May 2, 1896 in Poweshiek County and died on February 7, 1970 at Grinnell General Hospital. Small's Jewelry Store was located at 909 Broad Street. There seems to be a nice selection of jewelry and she appears to be a satisfied customer

Miss Zelma Zentmire (1887-1966) polishing the organ donated by the Kiesel family at the Grinnell Historical Museum. She is shown wearing a patterned dress, standing next to a fireplace and holding a bottle of polish in her left hand and a rag with her right. A clock and statue are shown above the fireplace. The Mason and Hamlin organ harmonium, was donated by the Kiesel family. A metal store label on the front of the organ reads "B. R. Potter, Grinnell, IA."

Photograph of Ralph Longley (1892-1980) holding his book, "Cabin on the Second Ridge", at a book signing. The book, "Cabin on the Second Ridge," is a loose adaptation of the author's grandmother's life in early Grinnell and Poweshiek County, Iowa as she recorded it in her diary. The names in the book are fictional, but the stories of pioneer life are based on history.