Grinnell Historical Museum

A black and white photograph of Marshall Talbot, and artist, magazine writer, and lecturer. He was well known in Grinnell in the 1860s and 1870s. He is shown with long, white hair and beard, wearing a sweater over a collared shirt.

A portrait of Stella Bartlett. Albumen image mounted in a cardboard frame. The back of the photograph contains the message "With love to Ethel, from Stella Bartlett." Ethel is probably Ethel Longley who would have been a relative. Other information written in pencil, including the name L.A. Longley (possibly the donor of the photo). Stella Bartlett is the daughter of Emery and Hannah Bartlett, Grinnell pioneers.

Black and white photographic portrait of a young Viola Williams (died age 4 of diptheria), with another child slightly visible to her right. This photo was taken shortly before Viola's death. Her father was Civil War veteran William Calvin Williams (1847-1928). Note on the reverse reads " Viola Maud, my oldest sister just past 4 years old next to me. I was oldest of all 4 of us girls." Attributed to Annie Williams Woomer Turner, grandmother of the donor of the photograph.

Portrait photograph of Alta Ingersoll Matteson, circa 1881. She wears a dark colored dress with two velvet bows on the bodice, a white ruffled collar and jewelry. Alta Ingersoll Matteson was born in 1827 and died and 1899, surpassing her husband, Thomas P. Matteson (married in 1842) who passed away in 1890.

Portrait photograph of Thomas P. Matteson (1821-1890) at about age 60. Matteson married Alta Ingersoll in 1842 and had two children, Frank L. and Nelle Matteson Fuller. He enlisted in the 36th Illinois Infantry as Fife Major during the Civil War. Additional information on the back of the photograph identifies his children, son Frank L. Matteson and daughter Nelle Matteson Fuller, and grandson Fay Matteson, husband of Mabel Davidson.

Photograph of Ella Farley Sprague (1858 - 1923). She is shown wearing a dark dress with the collar and sleeve ends made of lace. Her hair is pulled back, and she is posing on an armchair. Ella Sprague was a member of the Methodist Church in Grinnell and married Herman H. Sprague in 1884, with whom she had 3 daughters. This photograph was presumably taken for their wedding as there is a matching pose for Mr. Sprague.

A black and white photograph of Fay L. Matteson (1882-1957) when he was 2 1/2 years old. He is wearing a double breasted long coat with large buttons and a velvet collar. Fay Matteson was born in Grinnell, Iowa and attended local schools. He was employed at the Morrison and Ricker Manufacturing Company and was a member of the Grinnell Volunteer Fire Department and the Knights of Pythias Lodge. He moved to Long Beach, California in 1920 and stayed there until his death.

Photographic portrait of Margaret Amanda Pepoon (1869-1924) at 27 or 28 years of age, wearing a high-collared dress with a cross-shaped pin attached to the garment's dark lapels, likely an indicator of her profession as a nurse. Born in Iowa, Margaret moved to California in 1904.

Black and white photograph of the 6 young ladies, or the Webster Girls. They are wearing dark dresses and posing together. They are the nieces of Mr. Howard. The back of the photograph has the names from the right, Adella, Jennie, Cora on the first line, showing them as standing in the back. Webster on the second line, and from the right, Alice, Nellie, and Fannie on the last line, showing them sitting in the front. It is dated Feb 25, 1888. The photographer was G.E. Keene, 803 So. Front St., Mankato, Minnesota.

Black and white photograph showing a woman, dressed in a patterned dress, lying prone with her head and feet resting on chairs and her arms crossed on her stomach. A mirror, a hat, and several boxes sit atop a dresser in the background. There is an unidentified framed item on the wall.

Black and white photographic portrait of Annie Jones Williams (d. 1946), age 18. She is wearing a dark colored dress with an ornate collar and a jeweled choker.

A black and white portrait of Annie Williams Woomer in a dark dress with a lace collar. Her hair is pulled back and she is wearing a pin on her left shoulder. Note on back of photo reads "Me - on 4th Ave. Grinnell Iowa." Photo was found in a collection of photos titled Williams-Cook Collection.

McCormick family photo consisting of a father, mother, and child. The back of the photo has the following statement: "C.H. McCormick and family. Worked for us at Grinnell three years. A good boy." We do not know the donor of this photograph.

A black and white photo of Emeline Allen Cook (1813 - 1898) mounted on a studio memorial card. She is shown wearing a dark dress with a black lace collar.

Black and white photograph showing Emery S. Bartlett (1832-1915) driving a carriage pulled by a black horse. One of the first residents of Grinnell, Emery was a successful meat marketer and horse trainer. Written inscription on back reads as follows: "Emery S Bartlett with farmile driving horse / probably about 1890 / He loved good - and fast - driving horses, and in the early 1900s owned and raced fast harness horses. / This horse was not particularly beautiful - but was very faithful and only reluctantly did Mr. Bartlett consent to the disposal of the enfeebled horse about 1904."

Portrait of Emily Smith Manatt (? - 1909),wife of Wesley Manatt. She is shown in a high collared dress with a brooch at the neckline.

A photograph of Helen Scott (1912-1964) wearing a long white dress with a high neckline and a necklace.

Black and white photograph of a couple, James H. Bonesteel and his wife Alice Brent (according to written inscription). James is dressed in a black suit, and Alice is wearing a dark-colored dress with a lace collar. This photograph was rescued from a donor in Michigan who found it in an antique shop. The photographer was Eckhardt, in Grinnell, but we don't know anything else about the couple.

Photo of Mrs. Levi (Edith Hall) Marsh, bust of elderly woman with hairnet tied in a bow under her chin and lace collar over dress. Edith Hall was born in Springfield, Vermont on June 15,1815 and died in Grinnell, Iowa on April 15, 1903. Her husband was Levi Hazan Marsh; she was his second wife.

A black and white photograph of Ona Neely, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Neely. She is shown as a child posing next to a chair, wearing a dress with a patterned top and a large lace collar.