HADC - Waterloo Center for the Arts

As a partner of the HADC Project, the Waterloo Center for the Arts, located on the banks of the scenic Cedar River in downtown Waterloo, has the worlds’ largest public collection of Haitian Art in the world. The following selection displays a sample of paintings, metalworks, and drapos (flags) from their Haitian art collection.

Flag banner. Three mermaids, the center one has a silver tail, the one on the left a blue tail, and the one one the right a brown tail. There is a large brown snake on the right wearing a crown. LA REINE appears in red on the top left of center. La Reine.

Flag. Banner bare chested mermaid, black hair and black and white tail. Her… is pink her nipples black her right arms is white, her right hand is cupping her left breast. Shes wearing pearls and a pink necklace that match her earrings. Symbols on either side

Memaid body with wing. Its on its own pedistal.

Flag. 'La Sirene' Her body is violet, the tail is violet with black stripes. Her right arm and face are white with black stripes. Her right arm and face are white with short black hair. She is surrounded by flowers. On the bottom in white beads, is 'La Sirein Dogoue' Red cloth border.

(La Sirenne flag.) Mermaid with pink and silver tail. Her waist is black and has a red heart in it, her chest is nude her hair is gold and pale pink and black. She is blowing a gold horn shaped like a bird. She is carrying a rattle in her right hand. There are pink and silver fish around her. Other number: 139

Flag. Mermaid with multi colored tail. Long black hair. She is naked on top. She is holding a mirror and comb. At the bottom is a candle rattle, knife and basket of crabs.

Painted boat. A large yellow/green boat with a blue cabin. There are soldiers below deck and soldiers with guns top side. There is an american flag flying There is a soldier and a girl in a yellow dress dancing and 'Paix-Amour' in red on blue, 'Peace and Love' in blue on yellow/green. The boat is on water. Other number: 9

Two women and a man in a boat- Village Scene

A tree with horns and a face. People gather around the tree.

Flag. Towards the top, two heads and upper shoulder, each neck appears to have collar under each collar is a black and silver snake. At the end of each snake tail is a red flower. Bottom and to the left in red, 'mdrdssd' Dark green cloth border.

Image of people, a crowd of people or a street teeming with people. The perspective of the painting is somewhat flattened. People of the same size are painted from top to bottom of the painting.

LA SIRENE - in a white gown, designed with ? Hearts, Agoue is standing next to her in all purple, checked hat and blue and grey coat. There is a large fish behind them. There is a table to her right with food and drink. There is an angel in the upper left and right corners blowing horns. the border is pink ribbon.

Maladi- Healing Ceremony Flag. A person is laying on the ground there are five candles on one side. On the other sdie is a person in red slacks, multi colored shirt and smoking a pipe kneeling beside it. The person is holding a bottle and a rattle or bell

Flag. (2 men and 2 fish) Twin heads, rosy faces, short black hair each has a snake under their bow tie. There are two large pink fish one under each snake. The fishes' heads are up. Other number: 361

Purchased in Haiti. Seated figure with green marble eyes and wearing a dotted hat. One hand is on the neck of the instrument, the other towards the base of it. The instrument is long and triangular in shape.